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Our butter  

mi butter pronounced as “my” butter is a South African brand of compounded herb butter founded in 2016. mi butter is a compounded product that is mixed with fresh herbs, spices, and Roasted garlic. We use pure quality butter that has no preservatives or added colorants.


mi butter tagline - use mi butter as you like.


mi butter can be used to replace traditional butter or oil while preparing home cooked meals and can be used as a flavour enhancer when frying, cooking, and baking or roasting or spreading or making sauces.


mi butter offers that solution for cooks with our convenient and delicious readymade blended butter added with extra virgin olive oil to make our butter softer making it easy to spread and not to burn quicker when frying.


mi butter a Proudly SA member.


The founder 

mi butter is a South African brand of compounded herb butter founded by Ms Vhongani Shumba. A proudly local woman-led company based in Gauteng, South Africa. 

Ms Shumba fell in love with the art of gourmet cooking and experimenting with new recipes. It was in the experimentation process that I discovered an idea that is growing to become a gourmet brand.

Vhongani is an entrepreneur at heart, and passionate about anything food.

She was nominated in Top 500 most influential Africans in the world by Tropics Global Business and Lifestyle Magazine,, November 2021 Issue.


She won the justPitch180 at THUD Jozi in 2017 while pitching my business in a competition.


Vhongani Shumba - Tropics Magazine - December 2021 Issue