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Fresh Herbs, Creamy Butter, Endless Flavour.

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Delicious Recipes for True Foodies


Our ready-made flavor enhancer butter brings convenience and mouthwatering compounded herb butter straight to your kitchen. Discover the endless culinary possibilities with our flavored butter:

  1. Chives Lemon & Roasted Garlic mi butter Popcorn: Elevate your movie nights with this gourmet popcorn infused with our Chives Lemon & Roasted Garlic mi butter.

  2. Lemon & Black Pepper: This delectable sauce pairs perfectly with seafood, fish, chicken, or pork, thanks to the magic of mi butter.

  3. Grilled Corn with Chili Basil Parsley Lemon & Roasted Garlic mi butter: Turn ordinary corn on the cob into a taste sensation with our flavorful butter blend.

  4. Strawberry Honey Orange mi butter or Bacon Chives mi butter: Spread these delightful blends over toasted bread or bruschetta for a gourmet twist.

  5. Mint Lemon mi butter  Elevate your Roasted Rack of Lamb with our Mint Lemon mi butter sauce as a finishing touch.


Explore these recipes and more to experience the culinary magic of mi butter in your own kitchen."



mi butter offers something to delight every palate. Our versatile blends can be used for sautéing, flavor enhancement, crafting sauces, or simply spreading on your favorite dishes.

Having mi butter on hand in your fridge is like having a secret culinary weapon at your fingertips. As a home chef, you'll love the creative freedom it provides. You can use mi butter 'as you like,' and the only limit is your imagination.


Explore the endless possibilities and elevate every meal with mi butter.

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Compound butter, also known as flavored butter, is created by blending softened butter with fresh herbs, spice blends, and various other ingredients. This delightful concoction serves as an exceptional flavor enhancer in various culinary applications:

- Grilled Meats: Compound butter can be generously slathered on grilled meats, infusing them with a burst of savory goodness.

- Rice: Stir it into rice to elevate the taste of your grains, transforming a simple dish into a culinary delight.

- Seafood Sauce: Craft delectable seafood sauces using this flavored butter as a base, adding depth and richness to your seafood dishes.

- Roasted Vegetables: When roasting vegetables, apply compound butter to create a delightful caramelized coating, enhancing both flavor and presentation.

- Spread: Alternatively, use it as a sumptuous spread on bread, crackers, or bruschetta for a gourmet twist to your appetizers.

The versatility of flavored butter knows no bounds, offering a spectrum of culinary possibilities to enhance your meals.

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we care.


At mi butter, we prioritize both environmental responsibility and social impact. We've chosen to package our products in recyclable bottles, reflecting our commitment to sustainable practices.

Moreover, we are deeply invested in our communities and strive to make a meaningful difference. When you choose mi butter, you're not just savoring exceptional taste and smooth textures; you're also supporting a cause.


A portion of every purchase goes towards restoring the dignity of women in need. We believe in helping them meet their daily needs, contributing to a brighter future for these resilient individuals.

Your choice of mi butter not only elevates your culinary experience but also contributes to a positive change in the lives of women facing adversity. Together, we're making a real impact, one jar at a time.

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